Rock Stars

Thursday, September 23, 2010

So, these kids are total rock stars...

Going to the dentist for their their regularly scheduled check up...they both argued over who was going to go first...
Pretty awesome - considering the last time we were at the dentist, someone needed multiple fillings! ACK!

We went to a new dentist this time - it's not that we didn't love the dentist we saw this past winter - what I didn't love is their business office practices, or lack there of.
We were told that little miss H - due to the deep grooves (genetics - suck!) in her teeth, would need 3 fillings...
ugh. The 'good faith estimate' was $182.00 - or somewhere in that ballpark...
After the fact - and a bill for several hundred dollars MORE than that later - and numerous calls to their business office...I couldn't bring myself to return to this clinic with our children. Turns out - they only 'guess' what your bill could be - they don't actually check with anyone's insurance - 'Everyone's insurance is different' they tell me - AFTER the fact.
So wish I'd of known that they didn't ACTUALLY check with our insurance before we scheduled it all - fillings for baby teeth, sealant for baby teeth - all of which insurance does. not. cover.
Anyway, that and the office staff's inability to correctly run & charge our HSA credit card (which they did run - multiple times!) prompted us to go elsewhere this time...
And these two did great...
you guys do a great job of brushing at home & helping them out!
Their gums look great ~ she told me .
But me...
Well, the assistant whipped right through their cleanings...speedy fast & got us done early...but then, we had 45 minutes to sit in this little room W A I T I N G...
The kids were getting squirrely. Especially the boy. Climbing up and down that fancy chair, wandering around the room, begging to get going home & get outside...
The assistant suggested next time we book their appointments for the same time, in different rooms. "Um, so my husband and I can BOTH use vacation time to come here, instead of just one of us? Your hours aren't very convenient for working parents."
You could go back and forth between rooms ~ she tells me.
Um - ok? So my 3 year old, who incidentally, cried because the xrays hurt so bad (don't I know it Buddy! I hate them too!) can just hang out in there without a parent, with sharp, pokey dental tool thingys within reach?
I don't think so lady.
And then, we got the joys of her showing the kids giant full color pictures of rotten teeth while she told them that this is what will happen if they eat fruit snacks or other sticky foods or drink chocolate milk or juice. And when she was done scaring the shit out of them...She proceeded to lecture me on how I shouldn't be buying anything with high fructose corn syrup in it, yada yada yada.
Thanks Lady.
I have enough battles to fight right now...If I want to give my kids some Yogurt that contains HFCS and they will actually eat it - You can bet we're buying the case.
When I thought I couldn't be more annoyed - I was then instructed to bring toothbrushes AND FLOSS to daycare -because what good is brushing BEFORE breakfast...the kids need to brush AFTER breakfast.
All I could picture was our poor daycare provider - with 12 kids between the ages of 2 & 5, standing in a bathroom that comfortably holds 2 people at once, spitting toothpaste out on the sink, the mirror, the floor, their clothes - EACH OTHER!
I'm pretty sure it's all they can do to get all the kids to make it to the potty on time...toothbrusing - AND FLOSS! At DAYCARE?
Sounds fantastic in theory but again - There are other battles to fight...
By the time the dentist came in I was so over this visit, and so were the kids...That I could barely even listen to anything she had to say.
Next time - The hubs takes the kids to the dentist & I save my PTO hours for something a little bit less stressful.


Anonymous said...

Two not cool dentist visits in a row! How awful for you!!

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