Monday, December 20, 2010

So THIS showed up this weekend in our mailbox ~
(And why is it that English is the THIRD listed language on this letter???)

I don't know how it's possible but the information inside says it's true.

It's enough for me break out in hives...
First of all, it seems like she was JUST BORN -
Second of all - Everything changes!

ACK! We have ten regular elementary schools, 2 magnet programs and a Catholic School to choose from...JUST IN OUR CITY!

When I was a kid - you either lived on the South side of town or the North side of town.
You went to whichever school you were zoned in - and your choices were morning kindergarten...or afternoon kindergarten.

We have the choice of full day or *half day* - and based on the hours - we will be choosing full day.

And while it would seem to make sense to just enroll at the school that we are zoned for - that school isn't the closest one to our house, nor does it have the most convenient hours. So, to send her to the school a couple of blocks away (one that we could walk to if we wanted, the one that begins at 8:15) - we have to open enroll...

To have her attend the school she's 'assigned to' - we figure out before school care, the bus system, rearranging our schedules (which in turn means possibly rearranging the schedules of two other people who car pool with the hubs), and other fun stuff.

It gets easier right?

Please tell me this gets easier...


Anonymous said...

Mallory still has a few years but I actually found myself touring schools a few months ago. In the end I'm going to send her to our zoned school because 1. it's supposed to be a good school. 2. All the other kids in the neighborhood will go there. 3. I haven't seen other options that move me enough... I'd like to believe it gets easier because once their in the school they stay... but, I've seen enough people move kids for a variety of reasons so I can't count on that. So, I doubt it gets easier. sorry. But, she's going to be such a super star in school!!!

Jen Westpfahl said...

Well, once you choose a school, Derek will just follow her there and you'll stick with the same drop-off, pick-up schedule. So yes, it will get easier ... or at least not get any harder. ;)

Unknown said...

It just have to go with your gut and what works for you. Anthony attended parochial for Pre-K and Kindergarten because it was all day plus an amazing program. He switched this year to public for 1st grade with no problems and loves it!

Anonymous said...

Just apply to Boo's school, she might be her 4th grade buddy! lol

Email me, I will gladly give you insight!!

It does get easier, but this is uber hard.

Elle said...

I am with you - my girl starts next September, too. And it's crazy! Who knew kindergarten could upset your world so much? I thought a bus would just show up on our corner and she'd get on and all would be well. Not so much. hang in there & call me if you need to commiserate!

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