The Happiest of Birthdays

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last year you turned three - and I couldn't believe it then...

Well, my son, you are four.

Four. Years. Old.

I hope you have the happiest of birthdays little man. The happiest.
Last night as I lay next to you, you said to me with a sparkle in your eyes 'I can't wait til tomorrow! I'm gonna be bigger! I'm gonna be four!' - And oh how I could see you wishing that to be true. You then also told me you couldn't wait to be six! Because when you are six, you are for SURE going to be bigger!
(This morning, when I asked you if you were indeed bigger, seeing as how it was your birthday, you replied simply 'I don't think?'

Not only are you growing like a weed - already over 42 inches tall and 41 pounds...but your heart grows bigger with each passing day too.

Last weekend we saw Grandma Betty for Christmas - before we left, she gave you your birthday gift - new swim trunks & swim shirt (YAY!) with what else - pirates (skull & crossbones-your favorite!) & a card with twenty, one dollar bills inside.

(Because everyone knows that 20 one dollar bills are far better than one 20 dollar bill!)

You looked at the money - and then you turned to Grandma and gave her back that $20. Every. Single. Dollar.

Grandma has been working the night shift - 6 pm to 6 am or so - and you just don't understand that...
She was at work when we arrived in North Dakota for the holiday, and had to get a little rest during the day during our visit...
You can't comprehend how she has to work while the rest of your world is sleeping - so she can earn money...So you thought she should have it back.

I thought my heart my explode in a million pieces that day...

You have a love of neck ties - which I think is so flipping adorable...even if you do insist on wearing them with polo shirts or your all time favorite 'exercise shirts' - aka, plain old Hanes undershirts - your shirt of choice any day of the week.

You also love comfy pants...which means no jeans or pants with buttons...but pockets are preferred.

You still eat pretty much anything and everything - always daring to try everything at least twice! Not too long ago we went to dinner at TGI Fridays - You ordered a side of broccoli instead of french fries with your meal - The waiter made sure to tell us it would be an additional .99 cents if we did that.
I made sure to tell him that our three year old son was ordering broccoli instead of french fries and if it cost us 5.99, we'd pay it.

You are rocking the swim classes & you've started skating but can't stand that your feet don't dance on the ice the way the NHL players do (in due time Buddy, in due time!) - and like your Mama, your patience is thin.

When things aren't going your way - your new favorite saying is 'I guess you don't love me' - Adorable and sad all at the same time...But nothing a quick hug and some redirection can't fix.

I feel terrible that your birthday falls so close to the Christmas holiday, but your zest for life began in utero and you couldn't wait the remaining 3.5 weeks until your due date - you were ready and we were ready for you -

While you had a really great day today celebrating your birthday with both me & Daddy & big sis H, you are eagerly awaiting your party...
Which, at your request, is again at our house - so that kids and adults can come. We push it out into the New Year in hope of separating Jesus' Birthday from yours.

You have been asking if we have the meatballs ready and reminding me about the cake and the balloons.
I know these parties will most likely come to an end in the not-too-distant future. Soon, you will want your own party with just your friends, and not our friends...and that's ok too -

As long as you promise me you'll always be my baby...

If I could keep you little, I'd kiss your cuts & scrapes
But then I'd miss you learning from your own mistakes.
If I could keep you little, I'd strap you in real tight
But then I'd miss you swinging from your treetop height.

If I could keep you little, I'd tell you stories every night
But then I'd miss you reading the words you've learned by sight.
If I could keep you little, I'd keep you close to me
But then I'd miss you growing into who you're meant to be.
~ Excerpt from If I could keep you local author Marianne Richmond - hands down my favorite children's author EVER! And have truer words ever been spoken?


Anonymous said...

You are truly amazing my friend!! Derek is so lucky to have you as his Mom!! Derek Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

I hope he had a fantastic birthday!! He is growing so fast, and so handsomely!!

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