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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Crazy how another year has come and gone -
And here we find ourselves at another daycare holiday party -

It amazes me how good all the kids will sit for their providers...In fact, when the most delish prepared food was all said and done and ready to be eaten, we parents were shooed back downstairs because the kids do better getting settled at the table without us around! HA HA!

But a lot of their goodness might be due in part to a visit from THIS GUY~

D just couldn't wait to tell the man what was on his Christmas list...and I almost fell out of my chair when he said 'A bow and arrow!' What?
We don't hunt...and I find it odd he even knows what that is!

The kids made Christmas wish lists this year by clipping pictures out of sale fliers - what a great idea!

D's was two pages - front and back - I was a tad embarrassed as most kids were one page - and one little girl had ONE THING on her one page - but then another little boy went up with his four pages front and back and I felt much much better...
ah. to be a kid again!

These hats slay me...their names are written on the front of each one - and while a couple of the kids were smart enough to figure out that is how Santa knew their names - many were left awestruck as he called them out by name immediately after walking in the door -

Me & My Best Girl -
The Gang with the Big Man himself -

The kids got Zhu Zhu pets this year - and they were thrilled...

We've been very blessed to have great people to help us take care of our babies.
How wonderful it would be if we could be with them every day ourselves, but life doesn't always work out that way...
Besides, if that were the case - we wouldn't have fun daycare parties to attend that are as lovely as this one is...the children singing, the gift opening, the oodles and oodles of different dishes and cookies and all around good cheer -


Anonymous said...

I love that your provider does this! So many don't, and it is simply wonderful!!

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