From the Mouths of Babes

Saturday, January 8, 2011

We're driving down the road, and D pipes up from the backseat

'Hey Mom? When can we go downstairs and see all the train stuff?'

So I ask him - "Our downstairs? We sold our train table Buddy - but we can still play with the train tracks and the trains on the carpet anytime you want to!"

D - "No, the downstairs under the road? Where the train stations are? When can we go downstairs? We always stay upstairs. I want to go downstairs and see the trains!"

Ah...the SUBWAY?
Little man...we don't have those here - But we can visit them in other cities sometimes!

To which Hails pipes up - 'yeah, but it's winter, and they are full of snow, so we'll go in the summertime right?'

Ah, kids...gotta love them and their curious little minds!


Mary said...

If you want a sampling of it, take the light rail to the airport. That stop looks like a real subway stop. Pretty cool. :)

darcie said...

@Mary - We HAVE actually taken the light rail several times - to Twins Games and to Sesame Street Live and the like...but never into the airport...perhaps we should try that one of these chilly days with nothing on the agenda!

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