Days of Summer ~

Thursday, August 4, 2011

After a couple of fun filled days trekking across the countryside visiting friends & family ~

We made one last stop at a friends' cabin...
oh how we need to get ourselves one of these cabin things...

This kid was in all of his glory with his spiderman fishin' pole
and the lake(s)...

he played catch & release for hours on end...

Nothing terribly exciting if you are all that into fishing ~
Perch, Sunfish, and the occassional crawfish
latched on to his rod,
but when you are four, and you've been waiting your
WHOLE LIFE to try this out...

It's the big whopper and then some!


Our dear friends took us out on the pontoon...something neither of our kiddos has had the opportunity to do before...(yes, I realize this isn't a big deal to most people...but for us, this weekend of firsts was something so very very fun...and not something we take for granted!)

And D...was like the 3rd kid to just JUMP OFF THE THING INTO THE BIG OL LAKE! 
He was having a BLAST!
(Incidentally, I LOVE this picture as I captured someone's foot jumping off the pontoon...and there's D....looks like he's about to get jumped on...(he wasn't...) and he's just laughing up a storm!

D has referred to this kid (my friend's nephew) about fifty thousand times since we were there...
"I hope I see my new friend soon, I wonder if my new friend will be there, Remember my new friend?"
He was so kind and outgoing and inclusive...We don't spend much time with those kinds of older kids so this was a REAL treat for my boy...and for me!
Evan & Derek

Dear old friends, raising new generations together!

Another 1st, for Derek...his first ride on a Jet Ski - Kelly swung out to the sandbar & picked up my kid who was having fun swimming around the pontoon - and showed him even MORE fun...

A Jet Ski ride.

Seriously, heaven for my little city dweller...

There was no shortage of fun things for the kiddos to do here...we loved every second and hope we can get back there sometime soon ~
 After a long (but super fun, super exciting, super jam packed!) four days, she was pretty much watered out...(city kid here!!) but had a BLAST having marker tattoos drawn on by HER new friends...

D and his permagrin...Four days,
Four major stops...this kid never stopped smiling.
He was laughing, smiling, having the time. of. his. life!

This...this is what summer is supposed to look like...


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