The Happiest of Birthdays...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

oh girl...

my heart.

I'm not sure how it's possible - but it's true...
Six years ago you came into this world, albeit, unwillingly, mostly.

Turns out - it was a battle of wills that day -
You versus me.

It took us close to 16 hours but I 'won' -
Won the gift of a beautiful, amazing daughter...

And now, we celebrate six.

Six, going on 16.
And the battle of wills - they happen far more frequently it seems.

(Every year I get a pic of the two of you together with the cake...
it's getting harder and harder to get this shot! HA HA!)

Life has been full of changes...
And one thing you didn't want changed was your party ~
You wanted the usual group of friends at our house - where we make too much food, have too much drink - and too much fun.

Our friends did not disappoint -
You were spoiled beyond your wildest dreams and we had a beautiful day to spend outdoors with our friends.

I wonder what you wish for...

Your head is full of ideas, dreams - far more wise than your years should hold.

I know what my dreams and hopes for you are...

I hope that you will always wonder.

I hope that you will always take the time.

I hope that life is as kind to you as you are to it.

That your disappointments are few.

I wish. I dream. I hope......

I hope that the big old school that seems to have gobbled you up so suddenly with the start of kindergarten and spit you out a tired, ornery soul will ease up on you -

I hope that you will find your niche, find your groove, find your way.

I hope that you will trust that no matter what, no matter where...We are here for you.

We will do what we can to make things go more smoothly for you ~

I hope that you find all of the fun that your first year of school should hold ~

I hope that in this year full of change, big change...

You will find joy and happiness and love and inspiration and things to dream about.

We love you baby girl ~

Here's to all of your wishes and your dreams coming true - and to the best year of life yet!

Happy Birthday Hailey Elizabeth ~


Unknown said...

SOOOOO Sweet! Love the pics, she is growing into a little lady. xoxo

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