Never Alone...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

When Hails was a baby - the hubs used to joke that we needed to get her some sort of prosthetic arm to sleep know, like a body pillow that was much like a human arm?

No matter how awful her night was, she could almost always fall immediately back to sleep with an arm as a pillow -
We also talked alot about how people just aren't all conditioned to sleep alone. How during the quietest, loneliest time of the day, it's nice to be in the same room as someone else, instead of all alone...

Still, years later - she still hates to sleep alone -

The other morning I found this...
They don't bunk in the same bed too often...but I'm guessing he was pretty tired to not only be fast asleep with her...but also completely zonked out while she's got him in a headlock?

Later...I felt better about it... his little noggin wasn't getting completely smushed...

And about a week after the first two pictures?

(Yes, she's wearing the same outfit - it's pretty much standard uniform these days) -
I came upstairs at 5 am to find this display on the couch -

Turns out neither of them wanted to be in their own rooms -
but at least they didn't come to ours!


I've said it before and I'll say it time and time again - I am so so so glad they have each other!
Through thick and through thin - I'm not sure there is any greater gift than a sibling!


simplicity said...

Love. And agree. 100%.

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