CROCKtoberfest ~

Saturday, November 12, 2011

October brings the start of that time of year where we in Minnesota hole up in our homes during the dark and cold that is our winter season ~

To combat the
we organized a little get together...

Cleverly entitled - CROCKtoberfest.

I had seen tons of other folks around the interwebs doing something similar and knew that we would be able to pull off something equally as fun...

And what could I possibly contribute seeing as how I don't really cook?
My world famous meatballs of course!

And also stolen from the interwebs - (in addition to the Crocktoberfest idea)
So not near as cute as Kay's Pinterest post - but whatever - they were gobbled up all the same!
I also made Witches Hats which were a big hit too!
H totally called me out at the party saying
'You are taking pictures of your OWN food? WHY?'
I love that kid - not asking me why I was taking pictures of FOOD, because, she knows how this whole blogging thing goes, and she's used to me snapping pictures all.the.time...

But why on earth was I bothering taking pictures of my own food that we made! HA!

There was plenty of other stuff to photograph as well -
And I did...

but you know the saying,

'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?'

Yeah, well...What happens in our neighborhood stays in our neighborhood...
Let's just leave it at that...
But be assured that we had a great great time with our good friends and neighbors.
The kids all had a great time too - ours are finally old enough to not be left to their own devices...
ie: playing in the corner alone...they can now hang out with the big kids!
And they had the time of their lives!
The food was insane.
Delish beyond belief -

But not all of it came in crock pots ~
But so so much of it did!
A little something for everyone and then some -
It was a huge success and hopefully the start of an annual tradition ~
What do you say we do it again this month?
And what should we call November's get together? (Separate of course, but in addition to, Thanksgiving that is!)

Though it's going to be hard to top this!


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