Learning the Ropes

Saturday, November 12, 2011

We've now offically gotten 2 months of this school gig under our belts...

Slowly but surely, we're learning the ropes.

Buddy & I joined our girl at school the other day for her very first hot lunch ever!
(Pancakes & Hasbrowns! Yum)
Waiting in line after lunch to head down to Art Class!)
She just loves to show him around ~

and I love that we're going to have this whole thing down pat (both...he & I!) so that when he gets there next fall, we'll be all set!
(although, if you ask him, he thinks he's going in December because after all, he'll be 5 then!)

And you know what else I love?
Both times we've gone to have lunch at school with her - we've been invited to stick around for the class following lunch.
The first time it was Science - and I was totally unprepared, the second time it was Art, and D was feeling a little too comfortable for me to let him hang out any longer!

(Do they send non-enrolled students to the principal's office if they are being naughty? HA!)


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