Happy Halloween!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The obligatory kids & pumpkin picture...
Including the dog - who never quite knows if he wants to be inside or outside ~

They sit a little better for pictures now than they did four years ago...
C r a Z e Y!

These pictures were taken ON Halloween.
Love love love when you can have a sockless kid on the front steps on October 31st!
I'm not sure when she grew up...
but suddenly our little girl, well, she just doesn't seem quite so little anymore.
The kids were excited to get their trick or treat on, sort of.
Hails wore part of her costume - she skipped the crown, the wand, the gorgeous cape ~ eh...whatever...
It is what it is.
And you know what it wasn't?
It wasn't pajammas! HA HA!
The annual neighborhood bonfire was off to a roaring start ~
And we hit the neighborhood running ~
And just a few houses away...

A full sized Snickers Bar!
Incidentally - this bar has gone untouched & it's been more than a week.
(As has most of the other candy...he's not one for sweets really, this kid.)
We ended up going a little further than we planned ~
The kids were getting 'zosted (which to you & me is 'exhausted')

So, we ventured back to the pow wow in the cul de sac ~
& capped off a great night.
Great weather.
Great friends.
Great traditions.
Great memories.


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