Presents for Everyone - Including Myself~!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

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You'd never know it if you took a look outside, (no snow and FORTY PLUS DEGREES TEMPS ON DECEMBER 18TH IN MINNESOTA! YES! PLEASE!!)

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!

This time next week we will be winding down our holiday festivities...
It seems to have snuck up on us this year, and, just as I have in previous years, I find myself trying not to fall victim to the commercialism that seems to surround my favorite time of year.

The gifts are purchased and wrapped, the stockings are hung -
and that seems to be where I get hung up...the stockings, the Santa thing.

I see various posts around the social media sites of some pretty awesome (and extravagant) gifts that Jolly Ol St. Nick is leaving all of the good little girls and boys ~ And so, I feel a little caught up in the rush...

A quick chat with my husband and I am talked off my ledge...
And I bring you, stocking stuffers we have come to know and love around the Gust House!

Who doesn't love fun AND useful gifts? We have made this a tradition at our that so far the kids don't seem to mind:

Fresh tubes of 'his and her' toothpaste - Always a fun surprise!


Fresh Toothbrushes! Who can't use these?

Another Fav around here - Character Band Aids!

 We really love our puzzles around here - it's something we can all sit around and work on together - all the while, holding a conversation and accomplishing a task that doesn't involve running around from here to there to everywhere - and, it feels sort of like a 'toy' - yet, it isn't really! (and we have a LOT of toys around here!)Win-Win!

A 'toy' or 2 for good measure!

A little something for boys & men of all ages to find in their stockings!

Tired of sharing your loofah? Why not have Santa deliver this?

And...What about YOU...or ME? I have a stocking hung by the chimney with care too - Santa can't forget about me can he? Ah yes, presents for everyone, including myself:

Winter in MN does a number on our skin - hand creme is a must & a very useful gift!

A MUST for all faces seeing the light of day in our dry frozen tundra!

So, there you have it - some useful, thoughtful, won't get tossed aside and go ununsed presents for everyone, including myself!

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