The Works!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our family is always looking for something fun and exciting to do ~
The more affordable the better...

Enter in ~

The Works!

The Works is a new place that opened up in Bloomington, Minnesota - the kiddos and I were super excited to explore this place that isn't all that far from our home...

I didn't bring my camera on this particular morning - I just wanted to live in the moment...
Thank God for cell phone cameras - this is easily the best picture of the two of them together I've ever gotten! AND...I took a couple dozen others as well! HA HA! I should have known!

And now - The Works - in Pictures. (And Videos!)

The laser Harp (or Harper if you ask D - ) was a huge hit!



But the most fun of all, was surely the foam bricks...we built and we built and we built...

And then they got brave, and dug out a little hole on the bottom to crawl inside with...


And then, much to D's dismay - I told them to knock it all over so we could go home...


We loved loved loved our outing to The Works and can't wait to go back...

We paid our own admission to the works - Just $6 per person, and we were not compensated in any way, shape or form for this post. We had a great time there, and I'm confident you and your kiddos will too! In fact, I hesitated even writing this post because I'd love to keep this place all to ourselves! That wouldn't be very nice now would it! HA!


projectbeaute said...

i love the fun you and your family had at this place. i don't have any children but i so want to go play!

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