Happy Valentine's Day ~

Saturday, February 11, 2012

While not my most favorite holiday on the calendar ~

I will always do my best to make it special for those I love ~ Especially these two!

D got creative with our Tiny Prints Valentine's!
Notice his name in the hearts? All his idea!! ::melt my heart::

It was a little bit painstaking as he carefully addressed each and every one of these cards for his little friends at daycare, but oh my how proud he was...as am I!
Not to be outdone ~ Big Sister got in on the action when she got home from school ~ 
Carefully marking off the names on her class list ~ 
Though Valentine's are no new thing for our 6 year old heartbreaker...

Remember how I told you of her little boyfriend Markees?

Well, he's got some competition ~ 

The envelope that the above love note came in? Sealed & everything...aye aye aye.

I wish I could save every single one of these adorable created-by-six-year-olds love letters, but I can't, so...
I snap photos of them instead...and document them here.

May love always fill their hearts so easily.


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