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Monday, March 26, 2012

A lot of people pick the first of the year to start over, start anew when it comes to their eating habits...

I find myself on and off that bandwagon more times than I care to admit ~ but this crazy (AMAZING!) weather we've been having has really forced me to open my eyes...we went from winter to summer this year, and about 2 months early I might add! HURRAY!

Hearty midwesterners are accustomed to 'taking comfort' while we hunker down during our long cold winters.
Well, what's the excuse for eating 'comfort foods' when it's over 70 degrees outside? Even if the calendar does tell us we aren't in full on summer - it's hard to ignore what is going on outside.

We have one very adventurous eater, and one never strays from her 3 personal staples eater, making family meal time difficult, yet, we do still try. And while everyone else in this house can get away with eating whatever they want, whenever they want (and then some, given the kids could use a little more meat on their bones)...the truth is,
I, however, cannot.

I am doing what I can to make personal changes without that affecting my family.
I don't like to use the words dieting, losing weight, etc in front of the kids if I can help it.

Our skinny mini wears an adorable little bikini when she swims at our local Y - It was a hand me down from some friends of ours and she simply adores it. Recently, she sucked in her belly, that isn't even there, and told me she needed to lose weight so she could look like a model.
How would she know about six?

She could certainly stand to gain a pound or two or six - but I don't want her even THINKING about her weight...whether it's for gaining pounds or losing pounds.

Things like this scare me into making healthy, informative choices for my family. Choices that don't feel like sacrifices, choices that feel like a win win for everyone involved.
I do 99% of the shopping - it's up to me right?

So...instead of chips in front of the TV,  we're working on fruits and veggies...& if need be, pairing those with a healthy dip choice.

Wholly Guacamole® snack packs contain only 100 calories.
These single-serve packages will be perfect in helping you keep track of portion sizes.

We love taco bar night at our house, where we build our own tacos...but...
What about...
Host a “Make Your Own Salad” night with your kids to get them more excited about fruits, veggies, and a simple, healthy meal choice. I like to spice my salads up by adding ingredients like Hormel® turkey pepperoni minis ~ letting kids assemble the salad themselves is both fun and interactive!

Our son spends as much time in the kitchen preparing food as I do - and he's only 5. I love this!
I always make myself 2 salads...1 for now, 1 for later, ie: work tomorrow.
It all takes time...I know I can't change all of my bad habits overnight - but little by little, I can...and I can pass those habits down to the kiddos without even trying...

What is your favorite “eat right” tip?

Do you have any salad toppings that make or break your own creations?

For inspiration - Visit Hormel Foods Recipes on Facebook - Where...::cough cough:: you might recognize one of this month's 3 featured bloggers!
I love love love their Facebook page where I'm finding some amazing recipes to try!
Remember this??? One of our best creations to date...and high time we make it again!

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I love Wholly Guacamole. It's one of my faves. And, your salad looks great too!

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