The Tooth Fairy...(or lack there of?)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

It felt like we were the last family to with kids in the same age range, to have our first loose tooth - at just shy of six and a half years old, we were a year or more behind many of our little same aged friends when we finally had a loose tooth in our house!
She wiggled and wiggled that thing - but she did not want to lose it at home, because at school they give out tiny treasure chests for teeth...
If there is anything more exciting than losing a first tooth, it would be the tiny treasure chests to go along with them right?

It was pretty wiggly for a week, maybe 2...
We could even see the new ones growing in behind the baby teeth (GAH!) but a quick call to the dentist confirmed that we should just leave well enough alone and it would fall out when it was ready....

Then one day, 'On March 6th, when I was 6' - in the word's of our sweet sweet girl, she bounded off the bus to show us her right of passage.

The coveted treasure box for teeth that come out at school.

Much to my dismay, this one is wise beyond her years.  She has not believed in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny for years already...
But shouldn't the first tooth be special? She had no desire to leave a note for the tooth fairy - much to my dismay. This child looves reading and writing, how could she not want to write a note to the tooth fairy? I assured her she could keep her tooth if she wanted, we would just tell the tooth fairy that. Still, no dice.

We had her place her tooth in a small cup of water overnight, and when she woke up in the morning, she found $1.50 in random, assorted coins. Quarters, dimes and nickels.
She also found a shiny gold $1 coin.
She was ecstatic.

'Mom! Where did you get this gold coin!' she exclaimed!
pfffft! It's from the tooth fairy! Not ME!

I fessed up, (without her little brother hearing...) and a few hours later, she tossed the tooth in the trash...
And, we are now awaiting loose tooth #2!

I don't know what the going rate is for teeth these days, or if it's a big deal in your house...but what I do know is, my baby is growing up way too fast.


Buck said...

I was over 7 before I lost my first tooth. When it finally fell out I got a sleepover with my best friend to celebrate.

As a result, I was still losing teeth in middle school and my wisdom teeth didn't show up until I was 25.

Given that the Peep was 14 months before her first tooth showed, I suspect she'll be a late loser too. Maybe it means they're extra special. :)

Unknown said...

The tooth fairy is still a big deal in our house, even though I was almost busted for forgetting not that long ago! Such a big day for her, whether she believes or not. She is soooo dang cute! xoxo

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