Nearing Completion...

Monday, March 5, 2012

So...who is keeping track at home of just where we are on trying to get our bathroom updated?

Well, when we last left off...we were here...
and that was two weeks ago...

So today, I am pleased to share with you...
We are minutes!! ok, more like hours...but not days!! YAY! from completion!

loove the new faucets!

Wow. Really? Wow. Yes. It's true. This is what we've been using til now!

Not one, but TWO new light fixtures! YAY!

Remember the old lighting? Aye aye AYE! This should have been a crime!

ACK! A real. working. toilet!! YAY!
 But what on earth will we do with this giant space in between the toilet and the tub? I've got a few ideas...a tall ladder like shelf, a nice wicker laundry hamper (though I'm thinking we might get one of those for next to the vanity), maybe a nice wooden seat bench type deal to sit on while you are getting dressed in the bathroom, one of those cool shabby chic distressed dresser shelving type deals?  I'm not in any hurry to fill the space...but ideas welcome!

There are just a few things left to do...some cabinet/closet doors, hardware, baseboard/trim...

We've come a long long way in the last couple of months!

which means the next update on this here room & it will be done! D.O.N.E.!


Well, this was fun. What's next?
Maybe I can figure out how to DIY my next project for some ridiculously low dollar amount like I see so many others on the interwebs doing?

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