6 - going on 16

Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's got to be tough -
Getting love letters daily, from not one, but two boys, when you are six.

Every day, she has a back pack full of notes -
I just adore them.
I wish I could keep every single one of them - but the reality is, we can't. So, I snap photos of my favorites and we hang on to a few. Be still my heart - I had no idea that kids started their 'relationships' so young!
H did tell me that two of her classmates 'broke up' because the little girl's mom said she can't have a boyfriend until she is 16. I'd like to say more like 26, but, we've told her the rules...No physical contact - and for sure you can have a boyfriend. A boyfriend is simply a friend who is a boy!

This little girl of ours...She has a heart of gold. She loves so strongly. So muchly. (yes, that's a word!)

She was recently invited to a birthday party for a little boy in her class. A little boy who got to invite three friends.  He chose two other little boys in their kindy class. And our Hailey.

She went to work making him a card. She put so much effort and love into that card...
See what I mean?

H and her 'boyfriends' from her Kindy class at the birthday party.
Ah yes. Six, going on sixteen. Lock up your sons folks. Lock em up~!



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