Going to their heads...or waistlines?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A couple of years ago ~
We went out in search of a sponsor for the softball team ~

We didn't have to look very far, as the Buffalo Tap kindly stepped up to the plate.
If you aren't familiar, Buffalo Tap is a great little bar & grill located right on Highway 13 in Savage.

Close proximity to the softball fields where the boys play from April through October (oh yes, they do!).

Also close proximity to home, and, a family friendly location so that the littlest fans of Longshots can join in the fun on occassion.

Last season, the team got all official, with real, matching jerseys and everything...

& cute little tshirts for the littlest Longshots...
Sort of a misfitty looking group here - we'll try again for a team photo this season!

And wouldn't you know it, if things didn't just get a whole lot more crazy as this season gets ready to kick off.  The hubs got an email from the Manager/Owner of the Buffalo Tap earlier this week, saying that they had created a 'Longshots Burger' and it was so good - they were going to feature it on Thursday (softball night!).  He said he thinks this one is 'a keeper' -

And, once something is on Facebook, then it REALLY becomes official, right?

Ladies and Gentlemen - I present to you...

The Longshots Burger!

I can't wait to hear what they think of this, the actual burger that is. 
We all know that having a burger named after you has got to be pretty awesome!

Good luck this season boys!
Go Longshots!



FilledToTheBrim - Kate said...

Um, yes, getting a burger named after you is super cool! You have such a sweet family!

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