Pink is the new Black!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One exhausted, proud little boy.
I know a lot of people have asked, what's the pink wristband all about.
Well, a long long time ago, (not really all that long, just over a year really) - we were so ecstatic about our kids earning the blue bracelets at our local YMCA.
Earning those blue bracelets meant the kids could go in the water without a parent (up to their armpits) and hold their own.

Not too long ago, big sister got herself a fancy pink bracelet -

And not to be outdone...
Tonight, D earned his!

We are so very very proud of you Derek!

Hailey was so proud of her brother - when the lessons were over, they came to check in with us. D excitedly shared his news with his sister, and she picked him up & hugged him, and told him just how amazing he was.

I know I say this often, but my cup, it really does runneth over.

......and thanks to Grandma Betty, who reminded us that not too long ago,
Bosco earned HIS very own pink wristband too!

 He had some doctoring done recently, a teeth cleaning & extraction blah blah blah under anesthesia. Hails wasn't very impressed her furry brother got a pink bandage...but he didn't really care.
Pink, it really is the new black!

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