Pump. It. Up!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

If you know me, you know I like to go go go.

Do do do.

It's true, I jump into things with both feet sometimes ~
But recently, it wasn't about all about me jumping in with both feet...

It was about my kiddo and her fellow school mates jumping in with both of their feet(s)!

These shoes = SUCCESS

I really shouldn't have worried, but I did.
Trying to worm my way into the PTO, I planned an evening out for the kids of Hidden Valley. The cards were stacked against me from the get go...The school year is nearing the end (WHAT! OH MY!) And I couldn't get a Friday night party to save my soul. How on earth could I plan a successful party on a weeknight? So, I did the next best thing - I chose a Thursday with no school the following day.  But, that meant that I had just two weeks to pull this off (with one of those two weeks being spring break!)

Thankfully, I have amazing friends who I recruited (& made promise!) to attend.
They did not dissappoint.
Boo, K & Lil Leo!
 There were many kids there right at go time (6 pm!) 

 They played hard and they played fast!

 I absolutely love this group of H's friends. She has such an amazing class of kiddos.
What are the chances that they can stick together in the coming years as they grow older?
Hails, Q, KJ & M - from Mrs. Andrews Kindy Class!

Ah...Even the Pre-K crowd had a great time! Sam & her Mama!
 After and hour and a half of jumping around - it was time for pizza and drinks!

 It was evident by the very full party rooms, that this night was a smashing success! YAY!
 Pump it Up was so gracious they even offered to let us sell some of the Project Playground's World's Finest Chocolate Bars while we were there - Hurray for Double Fundraising! There are still many of these bars to move, just $1.00 each and they actually made a great dessert after pizza and beverages!
(Anyone need any World's Finest Chocolate? I can sell you some!)
World's Finest Chocolate Candy Bars - DOUBLE FISTED! HA!
 Yep...Diving right in, it's what we do - and most of the time - it works out pretty darn great!
And I, for one, cannot wait for next time!
I love making things happen!

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Gina said...

Way to go Darci! As a PTA officer, I can say you rock! Way to jump right in!

Anonymous said...

It was such a great time! Boo talked about it for DAYS and then at practice last night with her friend Kasey who was there. You did a fantastic job!

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