Hormel Party Tray ~ Not just for Parties!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

In our house, we are split right down the middle.
Picky Eaters and Not Picky Eaters.

I won't rat anyone out as far as who the fussy ones are and who are the ones willing to try anything, at least once...

But I will say - 
That if you are cracking open a Hormel Party Tray ~ 

Everyone Wins!

Sure, these make setting up a snack table at a party a cinch -

If you are expecting a crowd, all you have to do is 
Crack open the lid, cut open the stay fresh wrap and dump neatly into the divided tray provided!

Or, if you are just hanging around on a Saturday afternoon and could use a little snack different than the usual chips or other junk...

You could crack open a Hormel Party tray, 
Take half of the ingredients and put into the convenient party tray provided!

The kids couldn't wait to get outside with their snack - and because we don't have a deck table, 
to the electrical box we go!
(I know. I know...)

Delish cheese & crackers! Protein anyone? Try some!

A person can only hang out on the electrical box for so long before they have to break out the picnic blanket - everything tastes better when you are eating off of a picnic blanket! 

Hormel Party Trays bring not only convenience in entertaining, but also offers a great snack for busy families like mine. 
Whether it's in our own back yard or eating on the run - 

Hormel Party Trays have something for everyone!

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*** I am a Hormel Foods Extended Family Blogger - I am occasionally given coupons to try Hormel products of given the products themselves.  The pictures and opinions shared in this post are my own.  ***


Karin said...

The Hormel tray looks delicious. Can't say I'd want to picnic on our electrical box though! It's half covered with brush and is probably Mosquito Central.

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