Camp Streefland - First timers...

Friday, June 22, 2012

So, where were we?

Ah, yes, Summer.
Summer Camp.

So, we registered for Summer Camp with good friends.
We had never been to camp before - so we excitedly attended an open house -
Would it live up to our expectations???

Being new at this, it was important for our family to make sure that our kiddos had a buddy.  Having each other is awesome, having 2 friends they know well, along for the ride, is beyond awesome.  
It takes out (most of) the fear of the unknown.

Sure, the girls are heading off to First Grade in the Fall - 

But the boys - well, ours at least, all he's ever known is home daycare and family outings.

He's never done ANYTHING like this before.

They start them out at camp at age 4...
Extra nice to have a buddy when you are the younger crowd.

I really didn't need to worry...
They had a blast.

What's not to love?
All day.
Every day.

I couldn't believe it when I saw the forecasts for this week - 
having signed up for camp back in February - who knows what we are going to get when June rolls around?
Late Sunday night we had quite the Boomer of a Storm...but...
Someone was watching out for us ~ they had beautiful weather every day.

The kids were noticeably tired at the end of each day, but had so much to say and do and share and talk about, that we didn't get us any earlier of a bed time.
Maybe next week it hits?

Their week was spent making craft projects.
Frog Catching.
Having Cookouts.
(Including Sing-a-Longs on the bus rides TO camp!!!
Hello!! what a GREAT way to start the day!!)
Making Forts.
Zip Lining.
Sand Castle Building.
Turtle Hunting.
Playing in the GaGa Pit.
Making Tie Dye Shirts.

That is some fort! WOW!

This one was still under construction - it needed more camo (so they tell me!)

I cannot get over the NO FEAR that BOTH of our children have for this thing!
I mean honestly, sitting on a plastic sled and heading into the dark that is the black hole?

Of course not.

He loves adventures in every way, shape and form.

But this one?
Our somewhat shy, quiet, reserved first born?

If you could hear the screams of joy as she barrels through this tunnel...
A good friend pointed out that she hasn't seen our girl this happy, this excited, this...


in a very long time!

Thank you Camp Streefland!

Shooting 25 feet out into the open!

Whether she is just having that. much. fun...
Or if it's because she is spending her days with her Bestie...

Shakin' it at the Assembly on Family Night.

A Camp Counselor Tunnel when the evening was coming to a close...

Tell me a job that would be more fun than this?

Yes, Camp Streefland.
We know we made the right choice.

The only tears we saw this week were the ones that came after five days...

upon being told they have to wait three weeks to come back.

This, this right here signifies summer and what it should be.

I am beyond thrilled with how our summer is shaping up.
We are loving this chapter of the Best Seller that is our lives!


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