Last day of Kindergarten - June 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

Seems almost impossible that we are wrapping up an entire first year of school for our first born.


She let me snap a couple of pictures on the way in to school that morning...

And that afternoon, she got the surprise of all surprises - 

Daddy not only showed up at school to pick her up on the last day of school - 
He also brought her flowers!

To say she was excited, would be an understatement.

I love that she is wearing the same shirt that she wore on the first day of school!
It still fits...
The pants however, stopped fitting when she was about 3 - but, she wears them as capris anyway.

They look great with heels no?

I can hardly believe we have a whole school year under our belts.

We are so so proud of you Hailey Elizabeth.
We love the person you are and we love watching who you are growing into.

May your love of life and learning continue all the days of your life ~ 

One of the many 'boyfriends' you made this year -
Hailey & M.

                         And here's hoping that next year is just as amazing as this one has been!


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