Trying something new - Karate & Self Defense

Sunday, June 17, 2012

What seems like ages ago - we had our son in a Martial Arts class - 
it was an introductory gig - and he loved it - 

He had just turned four when we signed up for this class ~ 

ACK! Seems like soo long ago already!

With both kids begging, we decided to sign up for a new session through the local community ed program.  A little longer this time around - 9 weeks vs. the 4 we took last time.

Doesn't she look ADORABLE in her uniform?

This extra curricular was pretty short lived I'm afraid.
It was a self defense class, not Martial Arts like we took before.

They had an ok time, but they didn't love it.

I don't think any of us loved having somewhere to be every single Saturday morning for nine weeks.

For now, we much prefer the weeknight events!

On the last day, we have three other commitments in addition to our final karate session, so we let them choose their own attire so we could get from one event to the other (albeit late) sooner rather than later - 

Side Kicks practicing the Side Kick ~ Or the Roundhouse. I'm not sure which!

They had a substitute teacher on the final day, and he let them have some fun and do some sparring.

Doesn't it figure that brother and sister are paired up with each other?

It wasn't always fun and it wasn't always easy.

You had to get up every Saturday morning and try your best.
You earned black ribbons and white ribbons and orange ribbons too~

We are proud of you both for not giving up - even when that was the easy thing to do.

It's hard to know what you are going to love and what you aren't going to love until you try it.

We feel incredibly blessed to have these opportunities and that we can expose our kids to so many different things.

I don't know what's next on the horizon - but it's always a great adventure!

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