Summer Camp ~ The Next Chapter

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We had heard nothing but high praise for the summer camp we were sending our kiddos to for 3 weeks this summer ~
Add in the fact that it's just a couple miles from home and how could you go wrong?

The girls in this family, we don't like to go into things blindly, so we headed out to the open house to check things out.

Who knew that this giant wonderland was here?


And then...
Up the hundreds of steps... 

To the Black Hole!

Two actually, two long, black tubes.
The kids, and adults, hop aboard plastic sleds and fly through these giant black holes!


It's scary, trying new things.
So it helps to have a best buddy to do things with.

After the open house - 
The excitement was through the roof!

Will Summer Camp live up to their expectations?? 

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