Family Fun Month - National Night Out! #HormelFamily

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August is a busy busy month.
Trying to get it all in while we can, before the back to school rigamorole sets in...

It's also Family Fun Month!

Time gets away from us...and before we know it - the best laid plans haven't materialized.

But one thing that we DO make time for, each and every year - 
Is National Night Out - 
now known as Night to Unite ~

And since we consider our neighborhood friends our family ~ 
It's like spending an evening at a big ol family reunion!

Amazing friends, that we consider family.
Amazing food.

Does it get any better?

Bacon wrapped chicken with jalepenos! YUM!
Pam, Rob & Dave...sampling the above delish bacon treats!
There was no shortage of amazing foods to eat.
Salads, meats, desserts, pasta!

It's a great time to share our favorite recipes or try out new ones......

Mouth watering slow smoked ribs!!

We may have to get in the car and drive for hours to visit with our biological families - 
but just steps outside of our front door has us hanging with our surrogate family!
It doesn't get too much better than this...honestly.

Does your family attend National Night Out?
Do you have a favorite dish that you make & bring to family or friend gatherings?

*** I am a Hormel Foods Extended Family Blogger - I am occasionally given coupons to try Hormel products or given the products themselves. The thoughts/opinions/pictures shared in this post are my own. ***


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