The One That Got Away....

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Last summer, our kids went fishing for the very first time ~
I'm not sure why we waited so long, except for the fact that we are NOT fisherpeople...

To say that our boy loves to go fishing is an understatement...
We went to visit grandma at her lake retreat this past weekend...

About 11 seconds after we parked the car - our boy was on the dock - spidey fishin' pole in hand.
5 seconds after that...
fish after fish after fish.


Even the teenager got in on the action thanks to the loaner Barbie Fishing Rod! (Note to Santa & or Self; it's time to upgrade the fishing gear!!)

I'm not going to lie - when I'm the one taking the fish off the hook and releasing it each and every time - it was getting pretty old, pretty fast.
Man, those things are slimy...and some of those scales are SHARP!

After just a short time fishing - Derek starts hollering - 'Mom! It's bending my rod in half! I got a big one! I got a big one!' and sure enough - If I didn't see a big huge long Northern at the end of the Spiderman Fishing Rod!
I'm not sure who was yelling more - Derek or myself.

I was screaming because I was excited for our boy - but also because I was the one taking the fish off the hooks and releasing them back into the wild - how was I going to do that with this GREAT BIG GIANT LONG FISH! (AND take a pic of it with our boy as well!). Knowing how wiggly the small fish are...oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Well, it turns out I didn't need to worry, because the damn thing ate our Minne-O and took off. Is this how those fishing stories get going?

You should have SEEN the size of that fish! got away!

Seriously, it was a pretty awesome Northern - and oh how we would have loved to been able to reel it in - not possible on the batman rod without a net - that's for sure...

We did have witnesses, so it's not like it was just Buddy and I telling the fish tales - but I can totally see how they get started!

Grandpa Tim thought it was about a 12 inch Northern - maybe a pound.

Derek and I think it was at least a foot and a half long - and easily 5 pounds - bwaahahahahaha.

Oh well - So we didn't catch lunch -
We sure had fun catching lots of other Sunnies and 'Church Fish' - AKA - Perch! You know...
'Church Fish Mom!'

And some of them were pretty darn good sized!

Hard to believe this little man is so grown up already - 
In just a couple of weeks he'll be in kindy!


He's all of a sudden soo grown up to me!

Showing Dad the ropes - how to bait & hook the Minne-O's.

See that little red bobber under his right hand? BWAHAHAHA!
 Good one honey!
It's hard to believe this summer has come and gone so quickly already.
I had huge plans to do so many fun things, spontaneous camping trips and the like - 

But sometimes, just hanging out and doing 'nothing' is best...

 Here's to enjoying every single second!
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