First day of School - Kindergarten (There goes my baby!)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

So, you may or may not remember last year - our boy was pretty bummed out that his big sister was leaving him behind to head off to big kid school...

Derek, age 4, September 2011
A few months went by, and he adjusted without any effort - but after he turned 5, in December...
He was raring to return to school with Hails after Christmas break.

Note to parents - 
Don't tell your kids they go to school when they are five.

While that is true, it isn't terribly clear.
He was five last December...but still couldn't attend school until now.

What a difference a year makes.....

Derek Robert, Age 5, September 2012

 While excited, he had a few first day jitters...

 Rare family photos!

 And just like that...
Both of our babies are boarding a school bus ...

And because the parents get a free pass (at least in my world - ) I watched the bus pull away, 
and then I drove to the school and waited...

It was so fun to see all the neighborhood kids getting off the bus and heading into school.
 My crusty old heart melted when I saw our daughter walking our son to his classroom.
They hugged at the doorway and then she went to her room and he went into his.

Be. Still. My. Heart.

You are going to ROCK Kindy Derek Robert. 

We know you are.
You are ready...the question is...

Are they ready for you?

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Albert Maruggi said...

Derek, make sure you find out where they keep the Play Doh. Some teachers are real good at hiding it, but it comes in handy when you get board : )

Jen H-Running Free said...

Ahh Darcie - this just made me teary and weepy! Just the thought of my daughters going to school (Zoe started Pre-K this year) and riding the bus makes me want to stunt their growth! I am sorry that he had to go through so much change in that first week - no doubt you will all get through it with flying colors! He is a pretty handsome young man!

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