The Evolution of the Cell Phone...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cell phones have come a LONG long way over the years...

I've had one for a very long time...Very.

My first cell phone when I was in college looked something like this...(Though it WASN'T 1989!!)

I found this pic with a great article on The Evolution of the Cell Phone found HERE
There really has been an evolution of phones over the years...While I've been carrying around a cell phone for nearly 20 years, I got my first 'smart' phone two years ago - it was one of those things that I didn't know I needed until I actually had my hands on it.

My husband is the last American hold out I think...(& we still don't have a DVR in our home either...)

My phone has treated me well over the last two years, but it takes really crappy pictures. Crappy pictures or not - I'm thrilled that it does take pictures (and video!!) when I want it to - I love not always having to have a camera with me...but I HATE not having my phone with me at all times.

I don't trade my phones in as often as a lot of folks do - I'm pretty hard on things (so says my hubs!) but I still like to hang on to them and get the most out of them that I can...but here's the thing. I'm guessing that my smart phone - old or not, does many things I am not aware of...

I am currently test driving the Droid Incredible 4GLTE from Verizon & WOW! Is it ever S.H.A.R.P!! ~ especially when I put it next to my Droid X - which, by the way, looks very Zach Morris-esque when they are side by side!
It's a sleek and slick little number - and from what I've seen so far, takes AMAZING, sharp, crisp pictures! (Which, I can't share with you just yet because I can't figure out how to get them from the phone to this computer...) question to you is....
What do you do with your smart phone?
I'm loving the lightning fast speed that I can browse the web, check my email, snap photos...

But what am I missing out on?
I'd love to hear how you use your smart phone in your everyday life.......What do I not know I need - until I see it?

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darcie said...

GAH! I knew I could count on you Jeff! I've heard of ppl using their phones as remotes - I really should look into that...Remote access to your laptop? Hmmmmm - interesting! I've done some bar code scanning with mine...never heard of google goggles...and you can PAY with your cell phone now? WOW!I have soo very much to learn!!

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