Congratulations Heather & Steve!

Monday, October 1, 2012

It's not every day I can make them dress in somewhat matching clothes while we attend the wedding of one of our dearest family members...

                 We arrived nice and early to help (cousin) Heather get ready in her beautiful wedding dress ~
                                                 And since that isn't fun for EVERYONE -
                        the bride and her Maiton of Honor put the boys to work finishing up
                                                   their DARLING fall candy buffet table...
                                                                    Oh how I love this ~

She spared no details in her planning and it was the most gorgeous fall wedding table ever!

                                 Who doesn't love a good fall wedding? Such gorgeous colors ~
Sparing no detail - they created a 'Memory Tree' where they hung photos of all of their loved ones that have passed away ~ A touching tribute, especially to the Grandparents who would have ADORED this day.

              I was careful not to get in the photographer's way (I think...) but thought this was so adorable...
                                                            I had to have a shot of it!


Me & My Sister Linda ~

Borrowing the photographer's props when she was busy with something else! HA!

I captured this quiet moment between Daddy & Son - #love!
Honest to God, someone, or someone(S)! were looking down on this couple on this day. It was a GORGEOUS fall day, temps in the low 80's...sunny. Glorious. 
Not two days later they got their first snowfall...

Why I didn't seat my big butt right up front to get some great shots, is beyond me...but I did get some pretty good ones considering I was tucked behind a bunch of randoms!

Here's to your Happily Ever After Heather! We love you!


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