Family Wedding Fun...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Much to their dismay, I made the pose for a few (dozen) pictures before a recent family wedding..

I'm even better than I thought!! The kids clothes matched the wedding flowers perfectly!
How amazing is THAT?!?
It's tough enough to find clothes they will wear ~ this was a total Mom Bonus in my world!

Heather's GORGEOUS wedding bouquet!

The location was pretty amazing too - and I thought MAYBE, just maybe, I could snap a picture or two that could be a Holiday Card...

They weren't necessarily 'uncooperative' - but they weren't all that cooperative either...

They did have some fun with their cousin Luke ~
And when the official wedding photographer wasn't looking -
we MAY have used her props to snap a few photos of our own.

Have I told you lately how much I love these two? Man, I love them so much it makes my heart hurt sometimes. What a blessing I've been given, in these two remarkable children.
All made possible by this wonderful man, who adores these kids as much as I do.

How lucky are we?

                                                   Yes, we are blessed. Blessed beyond words.

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