National Pizza Month ~ Cooking with Kids! #hormelfamily

Friday, October 19, 2012

October is National Pizza Month!

According to, people don't really need a special month for pizza in a country where there are an estimated 63,000 pizzerias and 94% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month!

 (Once a MONTH? We have pizza in our house at least once a week, though if I'm being honest, it's probably closer to twice a week...every week.)

Though there are pizza restaurants in almost every city across the country, National Pizza Month offers the perfect opportunity to get the family together and create your own homemade pizza dishes. Getting creative in the kitchen is a great way to bring together all members of the family and have a little bit of fun. More often than not, mom or dad is the one stuck in the kitchen while the kids are occupied elsewhere during meal time preparation. 

I love involving our kids in preparing meals, & National Pizza Month is a GREAT time to do just this!!

I love cooking with minimal ingredients...
of course, you could add dozens more ~ but we chose not to.

Derek carefully takes out the biscuits....

& with our fancy equipment, flattens them so they can hold the pizza sauce ~ 

Some convenient quick & easy Hormel Pizza Toppings & we are almost ready to go! 

 After a little colaboration (too much sausage? not enough sausage...MORE CHEESE PLEASE!)

Tbey were ready for their 11-13 minute stint in our over at 400 degrees...
 And viola!
Mini Pizzas~
Made by the children of the house ~ 

What a great way to involve the kids in the kitchen with dinner!
(( do I teach them to clean it all up???))

For those with palates a little less selective than the people who live in our home...

A few delish Hormel pizza recipes include:

Chicken Pesto Pizza: take your dish to the next level and impress the rest of your family with this gourmet pizza featuring Hormel® Chunk Breast of Chicken, pesto and your favorite cheeses.

Peppy Three Cheese Pizza: microwave your favorite pizza crust or tortilla with a mixture of cheeses and Hormel® Pepperoni for one minute and instantly enjoy a quick snack or meal!

For a smaller, bite-size pizza meal or tasty appetizer, serve your family or guests Hawaiian-Style Pizza Bites which are deliciously topped with chopped Hormel® Canadian Style Bacon and crushed pineapple.

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