School Pictures - 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ah, School Pictures.

I saw some great ones floating around Facebook this year ~ From the crazy forced smiles to the just rolled out of bed hair to even angry faces and tears - 
The power of social media enabled us to see some pretty fun(ny) shots!

Ours were nothing too exciting this year...

A school picture is a school picture is a school picture right?

Hails didn't love hers and wanted to do a retake ~ 
however, you have to 'give back' the first go round....and she was concerned the 2nd go round would be worse, so she opted to stay with this.

Looks great to me!

Hailey Elizabeth - First Grade

Our boy & I compromised. He wanted to wear his Camo shorts, & I wanted him to wear a decent shirt. I could have been mean and got the pose that shows him only from the top up, but he loves those shorts, and really, who cares if they don't match?

I certainly don't.

Derek Robert - Kindergarten

He's five. He's his own person and proud of it.

I couldn't be more proud of either of these kiddos...
Amazing young people they are turning out to be.
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