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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hockey is big where we come from ~ 
It's a really big deal in High School...and so much fun to follow the 'kids' to the state high school hockey tournament each year ~ 

Well, yes, the Fighting Sioux 
(I don't care what you heard in the news...they'll always be the Sioux)
are a pretty big deal too - 
At least at our house.

But there's a difference between just donning a jersey...

And actually putting on the foil, err, pads!

 Our little boy looks sooo grown up - I can hardly believe it.
 Heading out the door for his first official skate as a Burnsville Hockey 'Mite' ~ Be Still my HEART!

 I have mixed feelings about this...(as the mom.)
Crazy - I know.

I don't know if I want him to love it or to hate it.

& yes, I do know how much it costs...
I'm not worried about the equipment costs or the $400 a month ice rental bills that will be in our future should he want to continue playing ~ 
Sure, those suck. Big time...

I don't care about him being the best player out there, or the worst.

I want him to have a great time.
I want him to love what he's doing...

So far, so good.
It's not been easy for him - it's hard work - 
figuring out how the game goes - how the skates go, and how they stop.

Every time he gets knocked down in one way, shape, or form...he gets right back up and gives it another try - that's all we can ask for.

As for what the future holds for our little hockey player - well, none of us can be sure.
It's not the destination, it's the journey.

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