Pumpkins and our Punkins ~ 5 years later

Saturday, November 3, 2012

I do love fall ~ 

I love the pretty colors and the crunchy leaves.

I love the jeans and sweatshirt weather ~ 
bonfires on coolish nights.

I love the pumpkins.

For some reason this year though, I wasn't feeling the fall...
or the pumpkins so much.

We got some freebies from a festival we went to...
Which seemed like plenty for us ~
 Turns out, these little guys aren't terribly carve-able!
 So we jumped into action with the mediumish sized punkins.
(Yes, I said punkins...)

 It's fun to compare the pumpkin carving from one year to the next - 

Even Daddy got in on the action this year - 
Donning some Halloween PJ pants & helping clean out the guts... 

 Viola! Finished Product...

For years I've been putting the kids on the kitchen table and taking their picture with the pumpkins.

oh, it seems like forever ago that we did this for the first time...

Did you see how little they were?
Where has the time gone?

The kids are getting bigger, the pumpkins are getting smaller...

And I, well, I just never grow tired of looking back at the fun we've had.

Happy Halloween!

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