Celebrating Six at Skateville

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I don't know how it happened, but somewhere along the way...

Six years have passed since we brought home our bouncing baby boy from the hospital.

Minnesota winters are tough to celebrate a birthday...
So we gave him many, many options that did not include our house.
(well, we gave him that option too...but knew we would all do better somewhere else...)

Having never roller skated before - but really enjoying the hockey skating...

He chose...


I don't think things have changed there since 1977!

Happy 6th Birthday Derek!
These kids are so flexible and bendable and adaptable - that in no time flat, 
they were cruising around on the roller skates.

Some of the parents even got in on the action, and laced up the skates themselves!

The Birthday Boy spent some time in the Wind Tunnel collecting monopoly money.


  They even have 'Skate Mates' for those a little unsure of themselves...LOVE that!

Who doesn't love a photo booth?

We had a surprisingly great time celebrating at Skateville - I was a little nervous about this being our 'introduction' to rollerskating, and it being a party and all...I was praying it would go well and that everyone would have a great time...
We all had fun adn then some, and look forward to going and doing some rollerskating as a family! What a fun (FLASHBACK!!) time!

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