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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When I told people we were staying at multiple hotels during our recent trip to Florida- they thought we were crazy...
The thing is, we had initially planned on driving to Florida, and in that case - we had planned on spending time outside of the Orlando area. The glory that is Southwest Airlines made it easy for us to fly to Orlando on this trip, and because I had enough going on and didn't want to hassle with renting a car ~ AND, because the cost of entering the Disney Parks for a family of four is worthy of a couple of months of rent and/or mortgage payments...We decided to just hang out in the Orlando area.
Just an FYI - Cabs are extremely easy to come by. Everyone wants your business and they will gladly take you, your family, AND your luggage from one property to the next, for around $20.00. IF you are traveling between Disney Hotels - They will pick up your luggage AT your hotel room, and deliver it to the NEXT hotel room, free of charge.  They have a very elaborate, sophisticated, easy to use, no hassle system that takes care of this for you.  You simply pack up your bags, call the baggage # at your hotel, and let them know how many bags are going where...
Then, you go about your day, and when you arrive at your new hotel later that day - God Willing - everything is tucked neatly inside your room!
Sure, this sounds silly to some folks...
But for me, someone who wanted to try a couple of different places...Deluxe, Moderate, and Value hotels - to see if one hotel really IS worth hundreds of dollars more, PER NIGHT...
this was great, and yes, I'd do it again!
All of this said...

We spent the final four nights of our trip at Disney's Art of Animation Hotel.

Not only is it brand new, but we had a 'suite' - where Mom and Dad get their own bedroom and bathroom, and each kid got their own bed too! A fridge and microwave...TWO tvs, and multiple outdoor, differently themed pools made this an easy favorite of our whole family.

Our kids especially loved the 'wing' of the hotel that was Cars Land...

Never mind the PJ's...this was an early morning walk around the grounds - where they insisted on having their pictures taken with the Windows 8 cell phone.

      I loved that there were not one, not two, but THREE themed pools for us to choose from.
                  Some areas were busier than others - and it was so nice to have that option!
                       How cute is the Cars Themed Pool? Notice those giant traffic cones?

                                              It was actually a place to retreat from the sun!
                                  (Who would want to? Not me...but still nice to have that option!)
Derek actually spent some time 'sun basketing' (his words...)
We were all soaking up as much sunshine as we possibly could...

         We loved this hotel and would definately stay there fact, I hope too, sooner rather than later!
                                                 Cars, Little Mermaid, Nemo...What's not to love?
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Albert Maruggi said...

this looks like the perfect spot. Cars you know made Disney cool for dads. I mean four nights with only the LIttle Mermaid and I would have gone crazy. It looks like a rip roarin' blast.

MommyLisa said...

OMG - Boo Boo would DIE from excitement at that hotel.

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