Happy Mother's Day to Me!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our girl sure knows how to make her Mama's day, week, year!

First of all, I'm drawn with a smile, not a scowl, which is how I feel most days...

why are you......
can you...

Anyone else feel like all they do is 'mother'?

anyhoo - 
a smile...

And the part that says 
She weighs 80 pounds and is 6 feet tall?
ah, thank you sweet sweet girl!

I love you!

And equally as heartwarming from the boy-child...

The best thing about my mom is 
thte shes fun!

And the best present I could ever give my mom is 
a new hose

Bless his heart...
maybe he's tired of searching too?

I love these kids with all my heart ~
It's all I ever wanted in life, to be a mom.

Thank you, Hailey and Derek, for making my dreams come true.

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