The Boys of Summer

Friday, July 5, 2013

Named for one of the bigger names in baseball, it seems only natural that our kiddo couldn't wait to play some real ball this summer (as opposed to last year's community ed craziness...)

He hasn't used a T to hit the ball in years, so he was more than ready for 'air ball' pitching via the BAC this year.

Man, are they ever adorable at this age!
Their feet don't even reach the ground when they sit on the benches!
Be still my heart!

With 13 kiddos on the team, and everyone getting a chance to bat,

                                     some games were a little longer than others were ~ 

But thankfully he had his big Papi as a coach, to help him pass some time and give him pointers here & there.

I was hoping his hockey number would stick, and that would be, you know, 'his number' for his sports careers, all of them - but apparently life doesn't work that way here...
Yet another 'we're not in North Dakota anymore' moment, I guess!

He's pretty cute, regardless.

I was pretty impressed with the program, and how great the kids were, even in their first year.
The program had preK, K, and first graders playing together, which is a huge age gap for a sport like baseball, but the kids were amazing, and did really, really well.

These two little troopers, the big and little sister of players on the team, buddied up and had a great time and games and practices, 2, 3, 4 or more nights a week.

The kids all loved the position of catcher - what age does that go away?
They do look pretty cute all dressed up in that catcher garb, and thankfully, we never had any awful, hot nights, so wearing that equipment and trying to catch random baseballs wasn't too big a deal.

It was a good season, over before it started, thanks to the rainy spring and summer that Mother Nature threw our way, but we definitely had fun, and look forward to playing again.

Not ones to wish away the months, next May seems like forever away at this point.

Neighborhood pick up ball game anyone?

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