Playin' in the Dirt

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Generally the 'weekend news' that came home from school had to do with baseball.

Imagine my surprise, when I saw this one!
An adorable child standing a top a big ol pile of dirt!

'I had a Big piol of drtae dalevrd to my hose'

or, for those of you not versed in kindergarten, 
I had a bit pile of dirt delivered to my house!

so naturally we'd forgotten how much work it was actually going to be.

4 yards of dirt, doesn't seem quite so bad when you say it out loud, or even when you look at it.

But then you put your shovel in the pile, and maybe, maybe it is a little more than you thought...

But, there are ideas and blank slates and things that need some TLC, and dirt.

Even three years older than the last time, a big pile of dirt is always a good time.

But it's going to take us some time with these little shovels, I think.

One of the few things that is more fun than dirt, well, MUD, of course - 

Because that's the kind of mom I am, I let the kids dig a hole in the middle of the dirt pile, and then fill it with water...A booby trap, in their imaginations.

And while they'd of been content to keep this pile there for the rest of their lives...
Turns out that the hubs and I have other ideas for it...
So, grab a shovel!


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