Camp Streefland ~ The Summer Highlights

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Suffice to say, our second summer enjoying 
was a major success - 

We added in some new fun this year, including Horse Camp!

And fishing camp, in addition to all of the other regular fun activities going on...
Canoeing, turtle racing, swimming, tie dying, gaga playing craft making, FORT BUILDING!

Thanks for an amazing few five weeks of Camp, Camp Streefland...
Until Next Year!

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Soupy said...

I'm sending Keifer next summer! We are in Lakeville- and a bunch of her pals from school went and were on their FB page :) She just joined Girl Scouts, too, an I'm hearing all about camp from the moms! :)

darcie said...

@Soupy - She is going to LOVE it. We have had just an absolute blast out there the last two summers, and I cannot recommend them enough!! Can't wait to hear about it!

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