Documenting Derek

Monday, October 21, 2013

We had conferences at the new school the other week ~
Kids are thriving, we are loving it!

While we waited our turn, I busily snapped some photos from Derek's Portfolio.

I never ever never grow tired of looking at their journal entries.
I want to capture them forever, 
(hence the reason I also put them here, in the interwebs...)


 of course, I admittedly was nervous about the new school.
Would they transition, would they fit in, would they be HAPPY?

Turns out, there was no need for worry - because the only one who ever batted an eye was me...

These two, the two that matter...
They've got this!

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Soupy said...

The journal with the writing (phonologically) and pictures (so artistic) look SO much like my own Kindergartner! :) I too, love looking thru all their work!

darcie said...

@Soupy - Don't you just LOVE it? They grow up soo fast - I just looove the handwriting - and YES!! The phonetic spelling! Oh my HEART!

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