Manic Ceramic - Hailey's 8th Birthday Party!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Every year - for years and years and years, 
since she was born...
We've thrown annual parties around the time of her birth.

We've been blessed parties, if you will.
A chance for us to celebrate with her and with those who know and love her - just how lucky we are.

Nothing too elaborate...
crock pots full of sloppy joe, hot dogs, walking tacos, drink...
Sheer Chaos - Chaos that we love!

But this year, this year she wanted a party that was outside of our home.
Somewhere else, a fun party.

(as if our parties aren't FUN?)

Last year we had a pretty good time,'s not my party, so I have to relinquish some control, I suppose.

We searched and we searched.
We researched and we toured, until we found the perfect place.

As soon as we walked in, she knew that's where she wanted her party...
So, book it we did!

They had the party room all ready for us when we arrived, shortly before 10 am on a recent Saturday morning.

So much fun, awaits you...

There really is something for everyone, with price points for every budget.

*** We gave the kids options, letting them pick pieces ranging from $10-$18.

For the record, we had 10 kids, and only one kid picked a $10 piece - 
the others all wanted the $15-$18 pieces, but that's neither here nor there, we wanted them all to have fun, and we didn't want to restrict them.***
They also almost all chose their own, unique piece - two little girls chose the same thing, 
otherwise, each piece was as different and individual as the kiddos doing the painting!

If you have trouble envisioning things on your own - the store is FULL of endless ideas and possibilities!

How CUUUUTE is this!

The kids listened to their instructions, and then got busy and got right to work...

And bless the birthday girl's heart...she let her little brother tag along to her party.
He was invited on a playdate, but also had hockey so he came for the party and painted a piece before he had to bolt. I love that she didn't mind having him along...

After painting, we had a little time for cupcakes (also chosen by the birthday girl this year, without Mom's input...) and some snacks...

And then gift opening...

And we still had some time to kill - (and here I was worried we would run out of time in the two hours allotted to us! oh heavens no...I had 20 minutes left to kill hoping that nothing would get broken, as the girls started getting restless! Why do they paint so fast!!??!!)

Here's the line up - minus one who had to bolt early for her own hockey practice - 

A week after the party, the items were ready for pick up.
Each item was bagged separately with the child's name on it, making it easy to identify whose was what.
The rule is, the party hosts pick up the done pottery, and get them to their owners.

A bummer for me, to have to deliver all the ::breakable:: items.

Of course, you don't want to ask the guests to return a week later to pick up their pottery - 
But, that meant it was up to me to get them all delivered...
Easier said than done - some kids are from the old school, some from the new school...

Can you really bring pottery to school anyway? Would it go home in one piece?

This one LOVED her piggy bank, 
(even if they did forget to give us a stopper for the bottom of it, 
since she isn't using it as a bank, she's ok without one...)

Since I had to deliver all of the pieces, I took the liberty to check them out - 
I love the uniqueness each child gave their ceramics!

As a special treat, she was gifted a fun plate as part of the party package at Manic Ceramic.

Each child put their fingerprint around the edges (as did Mom and Dad!)
and Manic Ceramic turned those prints into animals around the edges of the plate!


We had a great time and will definitely return - though next time it will be a family affair, or maybe a couple of friends, not 10 friends aged 8 and under!

Happy Birthday Hailey!

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*** This is not a sponsored post. I was not given a discount or any products in exchange for my opinion. I am simply documenting this fun event in our lives...and I welcome your ideas for our next birthday party! ***


karenmed409 said...

Love the idea of a ceramic class for a party event. Looks like everyone had a blast. Glad you posted pics of the other guests projects.

darcie said...

@karenmed409 Thanks! It was super fun! We had a great time! Fun to see all the different things they did and how they painted them!

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