Rainbow Loom Bands ~ Daddy & Daughter Time

Monday, November 11, 2013

If you've got a young child, girl or boy, I imagine these may have taken over your home as well?

The Rainbow Loom and Bands...

Now why didn't I think of that???

Our kiddo was gifted the kit for her birthday last month, 
and both she and her brother just love watching YouTube Videos 
(and creating them too! Stay tuned...if she's brave enough to let me post any!)

There's so much randomness that people create with these little rubber bands.
How do they DO that?

But for me?
My favorite part of the Rainbow Loom?

Reason #4039 why I love this man so very, very much.

He's patiently watching YouTube videos on the Samsung Galaxy 4 with our daughter, 
trying his darndest to create her latest obsession.
Now that...that is what I love about this kind of  passing fad.
The amazing, mostly quiet (as in, no running around, no tv blaring, etc)
time spent together as a family.

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Soupy said...

we LOVE the loom!!! We got a knock off version from Toys R Us, but they work the same and K1 is lOVING the looming! :)

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Tony said...


rainbow loom said...

Undoubtedly this is an awesome scenario by enjoying with rainbow loom. I think you daddy and daughter have passed a very good time with this rainbow loom and why not because it's the flexible one for passing enjoyable time. So keep on and doing whatever you want to do with rainbow loom:)

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