This is Trust.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ah, November.

Also known around these here parts as MOvember.

I don't mind the beard (too much!)
Some say that's cheating, but I say it's keeping warm up here in the frozen tundra.
It's also just a helluva lot better look for some.

The beard, well, it can be a little bit sexy, you know, 
if you are into that Grizzly Adams look.

Plus, the baby thing?
::be still my heart::

Blurry cell phone shots, as per usual, excuse the quality!

So yeah, the beard...
I don't mind it so much - 

But this?

This is down right creepy.

And what's creepier than that?
Well, THIS of course!

Their very own boy band of brothers - MoVember style!
(photo credit: some waitress or random in the bar, I assume, 
but I stole this page from Sattler's FB page - thanks J!)

The trust thing.

How he got there?

This is trust.

A little nervous to get started...

Dad shows him how it feels, so he doesn't have to be scared he's hurting him.

And then D gets right to work...

And then all the women and children go running!

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Unknown said...

Ah, Movember indeed. My bf looks forward to November so much. I, myself, and totally against facial hair (and so is my daughter now ;) ), but this is the only time of the year that he knows he can get away with growing a 'stache. Your man doesn't actually look too bad.. My bf grows his especially to look like a dirty cop. Ugh. Horrendous is an Oh well, at least it is for a good cause. #SITSBlogging

Unknown said...

Haha that is so funny. My boyfriend grew a beard and when he was shaving it off, he left a disturbing moustache on all night. I couldn't even look at him! Beards=good, Moustache=terrifying!

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