Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A lover of food that is both good, and simple for the non-kitchen friendly person like me,
Hormel products have become a staple in my family's home. From pepperoni for tossing into recipes or simply eating as a snack on the go, to their chili line, perfect for chili cheese dip or the occasional celebratory chili dog 
We find ourselves turning to Hormel Foods time and time again.

A  new addition to the Hormel Foods family, and to the Gust Family...

New Hormel® Black Label® thick cut bacon varieties – Unique bacon flavors have been popping up on restaurant menus lately, and now we can have the same treat at home! Hormel has added three new savory and sweet varieties to its popular Black Label bacon line:  Cherrywood, Pecanwood, and Brown Sugar. 

Great on burgers, sandwiches, or as a way to add sizzle to your breakfast routine.

One of our favorite ways to incorporate bacon is by creating delish club sandwiches at home in the toaster oven. We simply take thinly sliced deli meat, top with a couple of slices of bacon and a little shredded cheese, and pop it into the toaster oven for a few minutes.
Restaurant quality dinner sandwiches at home!

Using our trusty (tiny!) indoor Forman Grill - 
We can quickly fry up bacon any time of the day...

And if that means breakfast for dinner ~ 

Well, we are ok with that.

Breakfast for game day fuel?
That's pretty fun too!

#7 pancake for my player who wears the 7, and IS 7, with a side of Hormel Sausage!

What is your favorite way to eat bacon – BLT, with eggs and toast, or on its own? 

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Crystal Green said...

I have to say my favorite way to eat bacon is by itself or in a BEC or BLT sandwich. Bacon is such a delicious food!

Albert Maruggi said...

i got one for you, put a couple ounces of maple syrup in a measuring cup, add a little butter and cinnamon, then microwave for 15 seconds - yeah that will go good with those pancakes and bacon

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