Construction Zone Cookies?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

It was the end of the season hockey party, and another hockey mom and I decided to go in together and get some 'custom' ordered cookies for our hard working Mites.

A couple of dozen kids, a couple of dozen cookies.
I had a vision, but with not much time to get them SUPER custom made, 
we let the Custom Cookie Place talk us into 'sticks and pucks' - 

Sticks and Pucks.


If you notice the top two cookies on the upper left hand corner....
One is rotated for argument's sake.

Do they look any better, any different, upside down?

All I could see were people.
Stick people.

I tried hard not to be disappointed...after all,
these cookies are for little guys...surely they wouldn't notice, or care.

Cookies are cookies, right?

Even still, I was super disappointed, 
so I took the picture to my Facebook page to ask what my friends saw...

I saw people. I was thinking emergency workers ?? Ha! Bummer!

Maybe if they would have piped some "tape" on the top and bottom ... Maybe not even then ....

It's probably the Chinese symbol for "I hate hockey, thanks for your money."

I keep trying to figure out how these are hockey sticks...I think you should make a phone call. And then submit these to Cake Wrecks

So, yeah...
We could've easily just gotten a box of plain old generic cookies, that would've tasted just as good, cost a fraction of the price, and not caused confusion in those at the party looking at & eating these little construction gems...
And would've saved me some frustration as well.

This is another one of those examples of me trying to make things cute, and just so...
Though I didn't think my expectations were too high.

Sticks and Pucks.
Seems simple enough, no?

Next time I want custom, I know better.
I'll be calling on 

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