Mama Robin celebrates Mother's Day

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Robin eggs are pretty much a right of passage here in Minnesota.

Every year, a bird builds her nest in the same place, under our deck.
Typically we just ignore it until mid summer, when we don gloves and toss it out.
(uninhabited, of course..)

This year though, with a Robin flying out from under the deck every time we walk down the steps or past the deck at ground level...
I decided to see what might or might not be in that nest.

Of course, I can't get my big head in between the deck boards and the nest, to see, as there is very little room...but behold...the power of what else...


Pics snapped quickly on 5/3/2014

The eggs are so pretty, they almost look fake!
I wish I could take my time and get a good shot with either a phone or a real camera...

These look like a portrait, not a holding up of the cell phone without being able to see, shot!
imagine what you could get if you could see what you are doing! 

On 5/7/2014
I snapped a couple more...
because, well, I wanted to see what was in there!

The internet tells me that Robin Eggs are not always fertilized, and won't always hatch into anything.
I also read that if you take one egg out...the Mama Robin will lay another egg because she always wants to have 4 under her...
isn't THAT interesting?

It's temping...swiping an egg...just to see if it gets replaced...
but we would never...

Today, Mother's Day.

These HAVE to be just hatched today, no?
They are soo creepy looking!

I wasn't sure what to expect to find in there...but when I walked by and that Mama Robin bolted at my presence...
I figured I'd hold the phone up and see!

I wish I could see through the boards of the deck...
but you can bet I'll be checking on these creepy creatures for the next few days to see their progression.

We are in the middle of some major house projects right now...
I'm hopeful this family moves up and moves out before they are forced to!

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