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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's May, finally! YAY!

I love Spring, I love MAY!
But that means, we enter into, the busy season, in our household!

With not one, not two, but THREE ball players in our house, we find ourselves running from one place to the next most days every week right now.

While it is super fun and we are (mostly) having a great time, one of my major concerns is...

What do I feed the troops?

When we just barely get home from work/school/dance line/mad science...
 with enough time for a quick change of clothes and get out the door, I need to have something to feed the kiddos to tide them over until we wrap up and can eat a decent dinner, albeit at 8:30pm some nights!

That's where SKIPPY® Singles come in!

SKIPPY® Singles – Calling all peanut butter lovers – your snacking prayers have been answered! The SKIPPY® brand introduces new SKIPPY® Singles: perfectly portioned single-serve cups of peanut butter, available in two varieties – Creamy Peanut Butter and Natural Creamy Peanut Butter – so you can have the great taste of SKIPPY® wherever you go.

SKIPPY® Singles can be enjoyed as a tasty spread on crackers, as a delightful dip with fruits and veggies, or straight out of the cup. They’re a great way to provide much-needed convenience for your busy lifestyle – easy to toss in a lunch bag while trying to get the kids on the bus, and a perfect solution for a protein-rich, on-the-go snack while en route to the soccer field. Each package includes six single-serve cups in an innovative re-sealable canister, which is ideal for convenient storage, and features a clear front panel so consumers can easily see when to add SKIPPY® Singles to the grocery list.

Well, doesn't THAT seem like a great snack before, during, after a baseball game?
Or what about those nights that you are responsible to bring the snack for the whole team?

Available in regular or SKIPPY®  Natural, what a great alternative to, well, lots of other snacks!

& our daughter, who is the World's Pickiest Eater, has found an alternative to her every single day lunch mainstay.
Instead of a PB&J sammy, which she has grown so very very tired of, and oftentimes doesn't even bother to eat, we are now packing her something a little bit different...still giving her some protein during her day at school! Win-Win!

This is also a great side for celery & graham crackers in the ol lunch box.

 How would you eat peanut butter on-the-go?
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